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About Us

The Shahid Team

Why Work With The Shahid Team?

Working with The Shahid Team of The Boulevard Company will give you an edge whether you’re buying or selling real estate in Charleston, SC.

The real estate market changes, and sometimes those changes come fast. You want your agent to understand how to make the most of the Charleston market as it is today, not how it was last year or five years ago.

Daniel and the agents of The Shahid Team know what’s going on in today’s market and what that means for you.

One of the biggest complaints people have about their real estate agents is a lack of timely responsiveness. You won’t experience that with The Shahid Team. Daniel and his team value communication and will keep you informed as you go through the process. Daniel also believes in setting expectations early so you know what to expect from your agent, and your agent knows what to expect from you.

You can also be assured that when you work with The Shahid Team, you will work with one agent throughout the buying or selling process who gets to know you and your goals.

“My number goes to me. You’re not going to talk to the other people on my team, you’re going to talk to me! You want to work with Daniel, you want to talk to Daniel, that’s who you get. I’m not just a face behind the advertisement.” – Daniel Shahid

Think that a hot market means you have no room to negotiate as a buyer? Or that you can get any price you ask as a seller? Not true. At heart, real estate transactions rely heavily on the negotiation process, no matter what the market is like. That’s why you need to have an agent with strong negotiating skills.

Before becoming a real estate agent, Daniel was New Car Sales Manager at Morris Nissan on Savannah Highway for five years. To say he got an education in negotiating while selling cars there is an understatement! He brings those negotiating skills and people skills to his current clients, on both the buyer side and the seller side.

There’s more to buying or selling a home than simply agreeing on the sales price; the buyer’s and seller’s goals are crucial pieces of the puzzle, too. Maybe the buyer is willing to make necessary repairs themselves if the seller agrees to pay closing costs. Maybe the seller is willing to move out faster at the buyer’s request for a few hundred or thousand more than asking price. Daniel and his team handle these types of negotiations regularly and can do the same for you.

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