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We work with buyers and sellers to make their Charleston real estate dreams come true. Daniel and his team have helped people buy and sell a sprawling 60-acre horse ranch in the country, a quaint beach house on Sullivan’s Island, and everything in between.

Whether the market is “hot” or “cold,” we’re confident that we can help you sell your home or find a home you love. The agents of The Shahid Team are responsive, knowledgeable, have strong negotiating skills , and understand what it means to be a buyer and a seller in the current market.

Buying a Home in the Charleston, SC Area

“I don’t care if it’s the first home or the fiftieth – I will show you options!” – Daniel Shahid

Here’s other info to know about the process of buying a home in the Charleston area

Selling a Home in the Charleston Area

In a hot market, you may think you have it made as a seller – but there are still things you can do to make the sale of your home smoother and more successful. We can help. Daniel and the agents on The Shahid Team will explain everything to you so you know what’s happening every step of the way. Call us today at 843.324.6926

Here’s more information for those selling in the Charleston market

Start​ ​Early Prepping​ ​Your​ ​Home​ ​for​ ​Sale

Don’t wait until you have an offer on your home to go through the inspection process. This is where sellers often make a mistake and end up costing themselves money and delaying the sale. For example, let’s say you have a CL-100 (an inspection required by your lender in South Carolina, also called a Termite Inspection) and some minor rot is discovered on the bottom of the front door. Even though there’s just a small amount of damage, you now have a problem. No buyer wants to hear the word “rot,” and they may abandon the sale altogether or use it as leverage to negotiate a better price. Meanwhile, you now need to pay a contractor to fix the problem and sign off on it. If you had known about this problem – or other minor problems like it – in advance, you could have fixed it for less money and would not have given the buyer leverage. Avoid situations like this by working with Daniel or one of the agents of The Shahid Team. They have the experience to anticipate problems you never would have thought of.

Latest​ ​Technology​ ​ ​for​ ​Selling​ ​and​ ​Safety

Sometimes, the perfect buyer can be matched up before your home even goes on the MLS, allowing for a swift, smooth sale at your asking price or close to it. When that doesn’t happen, the agents of The Shahid Team have a variety of tools and tactics they use to show your home to attract qualified buyers. Breathtaking images, walkthrough videos, and even drone footage are all tricks of the trade that Daniel and his team have used in the past.
At the same time, Daniel and his team are concerned about keeping you and your home safe. For example, Daniel no longer uses the traditional roll-combination lock boxes for keys but invests in digital lock boxes that offer superior protection and allow him to track activity at the home.

Helping You With the Next Step

For sellers who want to stay within the Charleston area, you may wonder what your options are after selling. You do have options – you might just not realize it. Work with Daniel or one of the agents of The Shahid Team to help you find your next home. They will take the time to show you options and will also look out for properties that aren’t yet listed for sale that match your wish list.

Investing and More

Beyond Buying and Selling

Daniel and his team can help you identify and purchase properties for investment, like duplexes, multi-unit properties, vacation rentals, and more. They can advise you on good locations to look for investment properties, tell you about the relevant local laws, and connect you with the professionals you need to keep the property managed and in good repair. The agents of The Shahid Team are also experienced at handling foreclosures, short sales, and other common real estate transactions.

“I promise I’ll give you information you didn’t think of!” – Daniel Shahid
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